Turning TODAY's WORLD stimulus into CRAFT Environments

Catching signal stimulus from the outside world and turning them into brand concepts with powertfull craft environments, is our life passion. We carefully align our prospects visions, watching the surrounding world, perceiving changes in advance, investigating, study the architecture, the creative world, most of the time global travelling with curious eyes on humanity...

Puma Forever Faster concept designed by Pablo Rodriguez


Retail | Residential | Hospitality

Interior Design & Architecture for the New Reality  

Lighting Design

Retail Activation

Retail Concepts & Brand Experience Design 

Fixtures program & components Design

Value Engineering & Prototyping

In House Concept Mockup, construction and Visual Merchandising setup 

Global Turnkey concept Manufacture of your Design at great competitive advantage



Brand Environment & Identity Design

Cretive Direction  

Visual Merchandising

Retail Marketing

In Store Communication

home, architecture & outdoor Lighting WITH flos 

Lighting is one key factor in creating fascinating environment experiences. And it’s one of our most important core competencies. We take care of topics such as psychological impact, sustainability, global standards and many more. To create strong lighting experiences, we are creating an in-house lighting lab in partnership with FLOS. 

We are "FLOS Retail Partner Premium" global dealers, with available Architecture, Home & Outdoor lighting collections, for all our worldwide environment projects in Retail, Residential and Hospitality. 


FLOS Taccia designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962, ©Frank Huelsboemer

10CC Team

Pablo Rodriguez

10CC GmbH founder, based in Herzogenaurach office

William Situ

10CC GmbH founder, based in Shanghai office

Max Brilliant

Industry 4.0 standars Factory & Logistics center, privately owned by William Situ, 10CC founder

designing for three decades

Pablo Rodriguez is a global brand curator, who has designed the brand concepts and successful creative road maps for roster names including Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Puma among other brands such as Pepe Jeans London, Wrangler, Lee, JanSport, Levi's and Nike. Rodriguez's receintly designed the current Puma Forever Faster, Puma Select, Puma Woman, Puma Kids and Puma Outlet brand environments, from concepts to a worlwide implementation. 

Visit Pablo Rodriguez  LINKEDIN                           Visit Pablo Rodriguez  PORTFOLIO


Our design studio and Architecture lighting lab, is the perfect way to curate concepts with alive mockup environments. Lighting, fixtures, floors and walls blended together with your products and brand details, will create the next brand experience. Not only Retail, we specialize as well in Hospitality and Residential environments projects worldwide.

With great advantage, our manufacture facilities is located in Shanghai, from where we support interior design projects for global brands and worldwide projects. A private owned 45.000 m2  industry 4.0 standard production and logistic facility at your disposal to match every imaginable creation, budget and logistics.

FLOS Casting C designed by Vincent Van Duysen, 2017
Our Manufacture and Logistics facility in Shanghai